Testing Services

August Solutions provides testing services across a wide spectrum of domains. Our testing expertise and agile processes help our clients to achieve higher level of quality by early detection of defects, their tracing and monitoring. We develop the testing strategy around the development cycle to ensure complete quality control and can easily adapt to our client’s processes. We are also well experienced with comprehensive testing of web based solutions. We apply innovative methods like Design of Experiments to test the software with optimum resources. We have ready to use bug tracking and monitoring system with reverse traceability..

Testing Expertise
August Solutions have testing professionals specialized in testing of UNIX (LINUX) based system. We have experience in scripting (Perl, Shell and Python) and have an expertise in following testing practices:

  • Functional Testing
      August Solutions focuses on validating the business requirements by creating different sets of valid and invalid
    inputs. We have expertise in several commercial and open source tools like QTP, Winrunner, JUnit, NUnit etc.
  • Integration Testing and System Testing
      We have a comprehensive approach to validate and verify component interoperability adherences to design
    constraint and correct processing of all the modules. We have a well thought system and integration test plan with an experienced team that identifies and classifies defects at the earliest opportunity.
  • Performance Testing
     August Solutions has expertise in scrutinizing the performance of the product/solutions on the basis of
    response time, throughput and concurrent access to ensure reduced business disruption and remedial work. We also assist our customers in performance tuning and load balancing.
  • Security Testing
      At August Solutions, we follow industry standard security testing practices to identify security threats for mission
    critical business applications. We collaborate with the customer throughout the SDLC process to eliminate the vulnerabilities. We adopt both manual and automated testing approach to determine the risk index of the application ensuring seamless business processes and eventually the reputation of the client.
  • Penetration testing
      August Solutions carries out comprehensive tests to identify vulnerabilities present due to different tires for
    example OS/web server, coding practices (e.g. injection attacks) and data storage (e.g. databases). Our reports will help customers to bridge specific technical aspects of solutions to make it more secure.