Security Services

Information Security Services

August Solutions is in a position to address security needs of an organization throughout the information security lifecycle: from initiation to implementation to periodic audits. At organizational level, our services include:

  • Risk Assessment: We assess present environment to identify the risk of threats.
  • Security Policy and Methodology: August Solutions helps organizations to develop security assessment policy and methodology with clear measures of technical security, roles and responsibilities.
  • Implementation & Tools: We assist organizations to implement its policy using right set of tools – commercial as well as available open source tools.

Security Testing: Validation and Verification
August solutionds provides validation and verification methods. We offer following services:
  • Product Security: We design products to ensure security. We assist to identify the vulnerability and quantify their impact so that it can be managed proactively.
  • Penetration Testing Services: Comprehensive tests are carried out to identify vulnerabilities present due to different domains (e.g. OS/web server), coding practices (e.g. injection attacks) and data storage (e.g. databases).
  • Network Security Assessment: Through several tools and techniques like network discovery, port scanning and vulnerability scanning, we identify threats to network including wireless and hand-held devices. We also suggest controls to plug gaps.
We can help customers to assess their compatibility with several industry standards like PCI Data Security Standards (DSS). The team at August Solutions has expertise on several commercial and open source security testing tools like Nmap, Metaspoilt Framework, Nessus, Wireshark, etc. August Solutions can develop custom tools for automation of security testing for products on Unix platforms.