• What is Cruise
    Cruise is an integrated solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) that operates in Build-to-Engineer scenario. It is a blend of both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and PLM that empowers the SMEs for faster decision making.
  • Who can use Cruise
    Cruise is created for SMEs in manufacturing industry. It fulfils the need of the companies who work in Build-to-Engineer scenario and want an affordable enterprise solution to enhance their operations. However Cruise can also be adopted by other industry domains like retail industry, pharamaceutical industry, chemical industry etc.
  • Features of Cruise
    • Planning/Tracking of projects
    • Materials Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Purchasing and Process Management
  • Benefits of Cruise
    • Customizable according to the need of the company
    • Reduced time to market
    • Reduced WIP
    • Reduced rework and rejection rate by promoting collaborative work
    • Increased control over project management
    • Availability of right information at the right time
    • Leverage the legacy system
    • User friendliness
    • Faster response to changes
All the above finally increase business advantages by cutting cost and increasing revenue.