Product Development Services

August Solutions offers product development services to assist companies in transforming their product vision into a tangible design, a robust architecture and finally to a successful product. We create quality products with lowered development cost meeting delivery schedules. We believe that every customer is unique and we follow a tailored approach which best suits the needs of the customer.

August Solutions has a well documented change management process in place that monitors complete life cycle of the product. We analyse the impact of changes on cost and delivery schedules and make decisions by consulting with customers. The Change Management framework we use has an ability to adjust changes irrespective of the software development process.

We work in following areas of product development:

  • Requirement Analysis Process
      August Solutions has a well established methodology that maps business requirements and converts it into

  • Software Architecture and Design Process
      At August Solutions, we create products that are Robust, Scalable and Efficient. Our approach is to create a

  • Software Development Process
      We adopt various approaches like Waterfall, Agile and Scrum. We follow the methodology that is suitable for the

  • Testing Process
      August Solutions adopts testing methods that suits the product. Our strength lies in the quality we offer and

  • Deployment Process
      We have capabilities to carry out the deployment through the go live phase. We follow deployment strategy that

  • Product Support and Documentation
      August Solutions provides a comprehensive support and maintenance services. We help our customers to