• What is Prostep
    Prostep is a Collaborative Learning and Assessment Management Framework. Organizations that have a need to increase competency levels of employees can benefit from Prostep’s seamless integrated features. Based on role of employee, organization can draw ‘learning map’ for each individual. This learning map can then be systematically tracked with assessments resulting into increase in proficiency level. Educational institutions can leverage this framework for implementing faculty independent training methodology with effective assessments.

  • Who can use Prostep
    • HR/Talent Management teams of IT and non IT organizations
    • Customer Support teams
    • Educational institutions
    • Sales & Marketing teams
  • Features of Prostep
    • Integrated Learning Content (audio-visual presentations and text)
    • Searchable cross referenced content
    • Self Paced learning maps (Faculty independent learning method)
    • Self Assessment & Feedback
    • Collaborative learning
  • Benefits of Prostep
    • Systematic increase in organizational competency
    • Better support/training to customers
    • Improved product display and positioning
    • Faculty independent training and collaborative learning